• What if...

  • We create an experience where:

    Everyone has a story.

    Unlike most groups, the Baller Dinner works to include people (not exclude). Everyone has a story, a journey they are on.


    As they say at the Unreasonable Institute, "Treat others like the Messiah. (humility)."

    Ask "How Can I Help?"

    Most dinners are filled with people talking about what they need (and that's okay!). But before you do, ask "How Can I Help?"


    Lessons learned from Opportunity Collaboration

    Do Epic Shit (but check your ego at the door).

    People that come to this dinner are out on a mission. They do epic shit, but check their ego at the door.


    Inspired by Ted Gonder.

  • We believe that when people with similar values and different perspectives come together great things happen.

    "In many ways the dinner table at Isabella’s was a classroom." -Pippa Biddle, Good Food, Good Friends, Great Times


    "I learned more from other young entrepreneurs at that one event than any other startup event I had ever attended. I was inspired." -William Caldwell, Entrepreneur.com